Beautiful things in life appear even more beautiful and radiant in the right light, and thats where SCHONBEK comes into picture. SCHONBEK makes crystal chandeliers that are meant to last for generations. The value of the design bearing SCHONBEK’s label reflects lustre and is a cherishable treasure for many years to come. Chandeliers from SCHONBEK radiate grace and opulence. They are engineered to embellish places of historical importance, such as the White House and Buckingham Palace, and places of exceptional significance. The light that SCHONBEK chandelier emits is more than mere illumination - it is stories shining Since 2007 SCHONBEK is a member of the Swarovski Company. With this merge, Swarovski brought two world-class brands - each with their own unique identity and heritage - together under one roof.

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    Schonbek RS8308 Sarella 8 Light Chandelier

    As low as $4,075.00
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    Schonbek 1238 Bagatelle 11 Light Chandelier

    As low as $3,185.00
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    Schonbek FE7006 Filigrae 6 Light Chandelier

    As low as $2,315.00
  4. SALE

    Schonbek 5782 Bordeaux 25 Light Chandelier

    As low as $9,315.00
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    Schonbek RS8306 Sarella 6 Light Chandelier

    As low as $3,045.00
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  7. SALE

    Schonbek 6694 Plaza 4 Light Flush Mount

    As low as $2,843.00
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