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Vigo Industries VG6051STCL48 36 x 48 Frameless 3/8 Inch Clear/Stainless Steel Shower Enclosure

Vigo Industries VG6051STCL48 813775017605

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Customer Reviews

    • Overall Rating
    gorgeous, but slightly off on dimensions
    Review by Albert (on 4/22/2015)
    we love this shower. it is a critical addition in our bathroom remodel.

    1) do a test fit, dimensions supplied by mfg'r and decor price were slightly off . 1/2-3/4" for length and width. if buying the vigo pan, no big deal. but if supplying your own pan, or building one, this could be a critical issue. luckily we caught this prior to finishing our poured and tiled custom pan.
    2) brackets and fitment are very nice, and near idiot proof with the included instructions. be sure and use multiple people for the test fit and final fit and adjustment. the glass is very heavy and a bit hard to hold.
    3)adjust the rollers so that all 4 are in constant contact with the glide bar.the door will roll much easier and securely, and likely rollers will last much longer. adjustment is easy using allen keys, but a spare set of hands for holding the glass is essential.I found it easiest to stand in the shower while making adjustments, having my helper stand outside.
    4) we went with clear glass and stainless trim, other reviews online (from otehr sites) had indicated an issue with wrong doors being provided on frosted units (frosted glass is direction specific p/n's). the brushed stainless is a very nice trim option and should be easier to maintain vs the chrome.
    5) free shipping, insured and tracked was big plus on top of the ~$500 saved by shopping with decor price! would def recommend to others to buy from here.
    6) the rubber door seals are a little subpar compared to the rest of the product. the opaque and stiff material is a little unsightly. enough so we have removed the seals on the door at the far end (closing end) keeping only the seal on the back edge of the door to keep the water spray in the shower. the wall seals for the glass are of much nicer quality.

    I would recommend this product to virtually anyone. if the dimensions were 100% accurate and the door seals either clear or softer I would 5 stars instead of 4.
    • Overall Rating
    beautiful piece but dimensions are slightly off
    Review by Houston, TX remodel (on 4/22/2015)
    very happy with the price and product. This Vigo shower enclosure is a very sleek and modern piece, but tasteful enough it doesn't clash with more conservative design elements. we went with the clear glass model, in stainless trim. (it seems the direction specific frosted glass models have some issues with ensuring the right door are included, plus we felt the clear glass looks a lot nicer) Installation was very straight forward with some pretty good instructions included.
    a couple points to highlight:
    1) do a test fit, and it will take 2-3 people. when we did this we found that the dimensions (W&L) provided by both Vigo and DecorPrice were off by about 1/2"-3/4" for both length and width. If you are using a fiberglass pan, def buy the one included from Vigo. We built our own poured pan, so it was easy to adapt to this, but could be a frustrating surprise for others.
    2) the glass is very good quality, tempered 3/8", pre drilled for all mounts and brackets. makes it pretty easy. extremely heavy, so be sure and have dry or gloved hands, and a extra person to help.
    3) the adjustments on the rollers are a very nice touch, and can and should be used not just for leveling but ensuring all 4 rollers are in contact with the bar. the door glides much more smoothly and securely when adjusted properly. I found it was easiest to adjust from inside the shower while a helper held the glass still from outside the shower.
    4)the rubber seals for the walls are very nice a discreet. the rubber seals for the doors, not so much. the opaque plastic makes it very visible and detracts from the overall appearance. enough so, the we have removed the 2 seals on the closing face of the door, leaving only the back seal to block water spray.
    5) after installation it took a few trys to get all the brackets , stops, and rollers, evened out properly. but easy to do and only requires allen keys (and a helper to keep the glass in place)

    I would def recommend this product and Decor Price to others. the free, insured, tracked shipping was a big plus on already saving almost 500$ compared to any other place we could find this exact model.

    better quality seals (clear to match glass, and possibly softer rubber) as well as 100% accurate dimensions would be what it would take to move from 4 to 5 stars.

    customer support from decor price was top notch. they answered every question i had, either by email or web chat.